Gold Purpose Centered Projects Teleseminar


One pre-call to determine that your purpose is in place, 4-weeks of Purpose Centered Projects calls and 2 individual follow-up calls to support you in expanding and expressing your purpose statement through purposeful projects such as businesses, foundations, grants and service projects, creating purposeful living.

Overall Benefit:

Imagine being excited to get out of bed and do what you love to do all day, every day. You’re excited as you watch your projects flourish and grow. Finally you pour your life’s energy into your own dreams as you create bigger and bigger streams of income. Every day has meaning, joy and excitement.


Here Is The Four-Step Process That I Will Use to Support You In Creating Your Purpose Centered Project….


*     Purpose Based Think-Tank
This process creatively uses guided imagery and brainstorming process to create a list of possible Purpose Centered Projects.

*     Purpose Centered Visioning
This expansion process supports you in beginning with the end in mind. You choose one idea from your Project Think-Tank list and I’ll help you create a vision statement that will guide you in creating focused action as you move inspirationally toward that end result. Imagination is key to the power of this process.

*     Purpose Based Goal Achieving
A specific and measurable goal statement is developed that is based on giving quality service to the beneficiaries you determined in your Purpose Statement. Prosperity is the natural outgrowth of this service-centered-process.

*     Purpose Centered Project Planning
This process uses a project timeline, supporting you in creating successful and focused benchmark goals and purposeful daily action to create certain success.


No One Has Put Together A Comprehensive Purpose Discovery and Development System Like This!


It’s just not out there! I recently had a financial planner tell me he searched for six months for what I’m offering. He was thrilled to find someone who had the system and experience to take people successfully through this process.


Investment- $497.00







Gold Teleseminar


Bonus One!

Two individual coaching calls with me after the teleseminar.


I want to support you in taking action and staying on-course with your purposeful projects.


A $500.00 Value!


Bonus Two!

$1500.00 Off my Platinum Purpose Quest Retreat!


Imagine yourself in an intimate group, at my pristine New Mexico mountain ranch, setting up your foundation to carry your purpose far beyond your life. See yourself masterminding your project with leaders from around the world and creating valuable alliances. Be a part of the purposeful revolution that is sweeping the world!


Yes, $1500 off!
Why? Because I’m committed to helping you “Live The Life You Love”.


Bonus Three!

Access to my network of support.


Do you want to publish a book, create a foundation, market your business or create a web presence? I have a team of business people who I know are the top in their field. I want to introduce them to you!


A $1000 Value!


Don’t Miss This Exciting Offer!


Act now to change the course of your life and become part of the purposeful revolution that is sweeping the world!


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